Breakthrough Research with The Wellpure Water Treatment System Published in 3, Peer-Reviewed, Scientific Journals in 2017 - Select an article to the Right to Download!

The Wellpure Water Treatment System Pool Version and the ECO H2O Pump™ are exclusively available in all pool equipment configurations designed and installed by New Era Pools, Inc. Please call us at 760-432-8410 for more information. 

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Wellspring Water Technologies, LLC is an authorized distributor of the full-line of high-efficiency Ultra Violet Disinfection systems manufactured by Aquaazul, Inc. Please call us at 760-432-8410 for more information.

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Wellspring Water Technologies, LLC is also the authorized distributor for The ECO H2O Pump™, by ECO H2O Tech, Inc. ECO H2O Tech, Inc. developed ECOFLOW Drive™ technology representing a whole new system for moving water. This revolutionary advance in water propulsion allows the ECO H2O Pumps™ to move more water at slower speeds than traditional variable speed pumps. At the same time using less energy. How much less? An ECO H2O Pump on a typical pool will use 50% to 70% less electricity than most variable speed pumps while pushing 25% more water. The increase in water flow means your pool will be cleaner and safer for you family while saving you money. Please call us at 760-432-8410 for more information.​